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Nov 23
Worrying increase in the number of immigrants leaving Canada

A worrying phenomenon is emerging in Canada: a growing number of immigrants leaving Canada, thus jeopardizing national objectives of demographic and economic growth based on immigration. A recent report from the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and the Conference Board of Canada highlighted a significant increase in the number of immigrants who decide to leave again […]

Nov 17
Dialectal Arabic is the second most spoken language in France

The language of the Republic is French, as it has been enshrined in the Constitution since 1992. The situation could not seem more classic to us, but we forget that the majority of countries in the world do not have an official language, or have several coexisting like in Canada or Belgium. A monolingualism which […]

Oct 27
Air Transat launches a new Montreal-Marrakech route from June 2024

The Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT) and Air Transat signed, this Wednesday, October 25 in Montreal, a strategic partnership agreement, the first operational measure of which is the opening of a Montreal Marrakech line which will be operational from June 2024. Alongside the agreement signed at Air Transat headquarters, a side-event was organized by the […]

Oct 08
Cars stolen in Canada found in Morocco

At a recent police council meeting, Halton Regional Police Chief Stephen Tanner said several cars stolen from his town have been found in Morocco. “We have found a large number of stolen vehicles in Morocco and other countries,” said Stephen Tanner, adding that these cars are sold there with Ontario license plates. According to him, […]

Oct 05
The 2030 FIFA World Cup will take place in Morocco, Spain and Portugal

“King Mohammed VI has the great pleasure of announcing to the Moroccan people that the FIFA Executive Committee has just unanimously accepted the Morocco-Spain-Portugal file as the sole candidacy for the organization of the 2030 World Cup football,” the press release announced. The King addresses, on this occasion, “his congratulations to the Kingdom of Spain […]

Oct 04
Canada: Immigration boom leads to strongest population growth since 1957

With a population of nearly 40.1 million, Canada is experiencing spectacular demographic growth. According to Statistics Canada data as of July 1, 2023, the country saw an increase of 2.9% in one year, marking the largest twelve-month growth since 1957, during the era of the Hungarian refugee and baby crises. On June 16, 2023, a […]

Sep 25
Here is the ranking of the Arabic language among the 10 most spoken languages in the world!

Language is considered the key to communication between humans, and the 8 billion inhabitants of planet Earth speak approximately 7,118 living languages. Some languages have gained global status due to the number of speakers. Here is a list of the most spoken languages in the world according to the Insider Monkey website: 1- English It […]

Sep 22
Canada tops the list of countries where people work from home

According to a recent report from EconPol, an economic policy platform of CESifo, Canada ranks first among countries offering work from home options to its employees. This report, titled “Working from Home Around the Globe: 2023 Report,” takes an in-depth look at global remote working trends. This result highlights the rapid and effective adoption of […]

Sep 07
Canada ranks 2nd among the world’s best countries

The eighth annual US News Best Countries report has just been released, and this year Canada managed to score higher than the previous year, settling in second place. According to the ranking established by US News & World Report in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, a total of 87 countries were evaluated based on […]

Sep 05
Four things not to do before and during a flight

From scuba diving to using pillows donated by the airline: these are the things not to do before boarding a plane, according to a flight attendant. Based in New York, Leysha Perez posted a video on TikTok to reveal the four things she would never do before a plane flight. Scuba diving The flight attendant […]

Sep 01
Egyptian government imposes additional restrictions on Canadian travelers

Starting this Sunday, September 3, Canadian passport holders will need a visa to enter Egypt. From now on, Canadian nationals planning to travel to Egypt will have to go to the embassy or consulate of this Maghreb country in Canada to apply for a visa before leaving their country, according to the World Affairs Canada web […]

Aug 31
In New York, the call to Friday prayers is now authorized

Mosques in New York City are now able to call to Friday prayers and at Iftar time during Ramadan, the mayor of the American metropolis, Eric Adams, announced on Tuesday. Today, we’re cutting through the red tape and making it clear that mosques and houses of worship are free to amplify their call to prayer […]