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Jun 28
Tunisia wins 62 medals at Miami olive oil competition

On Wednesday, the American Embassy in Tunisia congratulated Tunisia after winning 62 gold medals at the United States International Olive Oil Competition (USIOOC), held in Miami. The embassy said in a blog post on Facebook that “Tunisia wins 62 medals at Miami olive oil competition in various categories at the competition in which 100 companies […]

Jun 07
The number of asylum claims in Canada will rise by 66% in 2024

The number of asylum claims in Canada rose by 66% in early 2024 compared with the same period last year, according to data published by Immigration Canada. On March 31, 2023, Canada and the United States closed the Roxham Road, used by asylum seekers to cross the land border into the province of Quebec and […]

Apr 16
You must have eSIM on your smartphone if you travel frequently

The use of eSIM on your smartphone, a dematerialized version of the physical SIM card, will explode among travelers. In addition to the fact that this technology is ultra practical (it does not require the purchase of a physical card), it would also be, on average, less expensive than roaming from operators. The use of […]

Mar 22
WhatsApp brings together 2 billion monthly active users worldwide

Bought by Facebook, now Meta, in 2014 for $19.6 billion, WhatsApp, the instant messaging application created in 2009, has 2 billion users worldwide. Although the platform has been downloaded more than 5 billion times since its creation, it is nevertheless unavailable in 6 countries: China, Syria, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, North Korea and Cuba. […]

Mar 15
Ramadan: Top 10 Health Benefits of Fasting

When we talk about Ramadan and “fasting”, we are referring to abstinence from all or some food and drink for a specific period of time. Although popularized by today’s diets, the practice of fasting dates back centuries and is considered one of medicine’s oldest therapies. Whether it’s abstaining from eating and drinking or adopting a […]

Feb 20
Canada: parliament studies freezing the number of migrants to be welcomed in the years to come

Canada’s House of Commons has adopted a motion calling for a review of federal immigration targets this year and the holding of a meeting between Prime Ministers on the issue. The text calls on the government to submit a plan to revise federal immigration targets based on the reception capacity of the country’s provinces and […]

Feb 16
Canada extends ban on foreigners buying houses until 2026

Canada has extended a measure banning foreigners from buying houses for two years, as the real estate market begins to show signs of rebound. The move comes amid growing concerns about the cost of housing in major cities like Toronto and Vancouver. The government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had ordered a ban on non-Canadians purchasing […]

Jan 29
Canada: More than 144,000 asylum applications filed last year

The Canadian Border Services Agency and the Immigration Department processed a record 144,035 asylum applications in 2023, according to government data. This is an increase of more than 56% compared to the 92,000 applications filed in Canada in 2022. Quebec hosts the most asylum seekers in the country (65,570 asylum seekers), ahead of Ontario (63,390), […]

Jan 24
Germany has just relaxed the criteria for obtaining citizenship

Last Friday, the House of Representatives in Germany passed a law that relaxes the requirements for obtaining citizenship and expands the possibility of holding two nationalities, in order to significantly reduce the labor shortage experienced by the largest power economy of Europe. It will now be possible to apply for German nationality after only 5 […]

Jan 22
Canada: the federal government wants to limit the number of foreign students in certain provinces

Faced with the housing shortage currently plaguing Canada, the federal government plans to reduce the number of foreign students admitted to certain provinces, Radio Canada reported on Wednesday. Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia are among the provinces concerned, added the Canadian media. The idea of imposing a cap on the number of foreign students […]

Jan 02
Calgary and Toronto among the friendliest cities in the world

Discovering a new country or a new city is good. But being well received is better. This makes the trip even more unforgettable. The hospitality of the locals is a determining factor for a successful stay. The statistics site Insider Monkey recently revealed its list of cities with the best reception. Good news, five destinations […]

Dec 27
Top 10 best airports in Africa for 2023

Africa has now become an attractive global destination for travelers and is attracting attention for various reasons. As tourism and business flourish, the aviation sector has become a force of attraction, creating vital links between Africa and the global community. Skytrax, an internationally renowned organization that rates airlines around the world, recently unveiled its report […]