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3 of them are in Arab countries… A report reveals the top 7 airlines in the world in terms of customer service and safety

3 of them are in Arab countries... A report reveals the top 7 airlines in the world in terms of customer service and safety

APEX, one of the world’s largest international airline associations, has revealed its annual ranking of the world’s best airlines for safety, sustainability and service, after surveying passengers.

According to APEX (Airline Rating), the awards are determined after a year of collecting surveys from passengers to assess the experience of flying on several flights in each class, including economy, business and first. This assessment is combined with the report of experts who appropriately audit and evaluate each carrier’s product. Among the ratings is the service that customers receive, such as seats in the cabin and meals, and then determines the score for choosing which airline is eligible for the award “world class”.

Of the seven airlines, three are from the Middle East, two from Asia, and two from Europe, with no US airlines on the list. According to “APEX”, the top 7 airlines were ranked as distinguished in customer service, safety and sustainability, which are:

Fly Emirates

Dubai-based Emirates has historically excelled in passenger service, ranking fourth in the list of the world’s top 100 airlines in Skytrax this year. “APEX” awarded Emirates Airlines the award for the best in-flight entertainment product, and it was noted that it pays attention to “quality first”, “high standards” and “interactive crew”.

Japanese Airlines

Japan Airlines also had good success with Skytrax this year, coming in at number five, so it’s no surprise that it is on the APEX list. Skytrax awarded Japan Airlines three awards, while APEX said it had enjoyed “outstanding hospitality” and consistently good service.

Royal Dutch Airlines

It ranked 16th on Skytrax’s list this year, but received high praise from APEX for its sustainability. According to APEX, KLM is a leader in reducing its environmental impact and has “remarkable efficiency and engagement” in its short-haul flights.

Qatar Airways

Qatar continues to collect awards this year after being ranked number one in the Skytrax rankings and ranked second in the list of the best airlines for business travelers. APEX praised the “impeccable presentation of dishes” and the “distinguished design” of these Qatari airlines. She also noted its spacious and high-quality cabin.

Saudi Arabian Airlines

While Saudi Arabia did not rank among the top 20 companies according to Skytrax, it did well with APEX survey respondents and professional reviewers. Saudi Arabian Airlines is distinguished by its safety, innovation, hospitality and its on-board meals, and it is one of the few airlines in the world that has chefs on board to customize meals.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has long been recognized by Skytrax and Business Traveler Awards as a world-class airline, and APEX is no different, the company has praised Singapore Airlines for its consistent service, customer retention, and “outstanding brand integrity”.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish did not take first place in the list of the top 10 airlines in Skytrax, but it surpassed the criteria of “APEX”. The company is known for its high level of safety, generosity, brand and food integrity.

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