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A Disneyland park, a cruise port… Tunisia wants to revolutionize its tourism

“It is no longer possible to attract tourists by building a youth hostel or opening a restaurant. This is the opinion of Mohamed Ali Toumi, Tunisian Minister of Tourism. Tunisia is today one of the most important tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, but the government that emerged from the last elections wants to go further.

On Thursday, Mohamed Ali Toumi was heard by the deputies of the Assembly of People’s Representatives (ARP) on the situation of his sector in the current context marked by the coronavirus epidemic. Tunisia has reopened its borders to tourists from 129 countries but the activity is only timidly restarting. The fear of a resumption of the epidemic and the many restrictions imposed by the countries are deterring many tourists.

During his hearing at the ARP, Mohamed Ali Toumi unveiled his strategy and vision for his sector “for the next fifteen years”, reports the local media Webdo on Monday 13 July. The minister also spoke this Monday on the radio Mosaïque FM.

“It is no longer by building a youth hostel or opening a restaurant that we can attract tourists… There are projects capable of changing things like this sports city in Zaghouan, because the climate in the region is excellent,” he said.

The new strategy revolves around four flagship projects, the Tunisian minister detailed, according to Webdo: “a large sports city in Zaghouan, like Clairefontaine in France or Aspire in Qatar”, “a cruise port in Mahdia”, “a Disneyland park which he refers to as “Africa Disney”” and “a high-end marina in one of Tunisia’s desert islands, like La Galite.

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