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A famous YouTuber converted to Islam

A famous YouTuber converted to Islam

Jay Palfrey, a young British YouTuber converted to Islam. A conversion which took place following “a very deep journey of spiritual discovery for many years.

In a video posted to his YouTube page on Sunday August 16, Jay Palfrey is seen making his profession of faith (the chahada) in a mosque in Turkey. This young YouTuber who described himself as an atheist, discovered Islam through trips that took him to Muslim countries. “Living in Muslim countries and learning more and more about this beautifully peaceful, but largely unrecognized religion, made me realize that this is the path I want to follow,” he said.

Jay Palfrey says the more experience he accumulates from traveling and meeting wonderful people the more connected he is with his spirituality. For him, the true Islam is overlooked by many people because of the actions of a small minority. With this in mind, he is committed to spreading positivity and love. “Throughout my travels around the world, I will continue to spread the positivity of this way of life and bring forth the stories of people who continue to make the world a better place,” he added.

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