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Algeria seen by Karen Rose, wife of the United States ambassador

Karen Rose, wife of the United States Ambassador to Algeria, does not let a day pass since her arrival without her promoting the beauty of Algeria and publishing the photos she took with her husband during their travels in different wilayas of the country, not without admitting to being pleasantly fascinated by the charm and the wild beauty of the sites she was able to visit.

Indeed, the photos posted by the American diplomat, John Desroch and his wife Karen Rose on the internet are creating so much buzz, which Algerians do not hesitate to react and comment on. Indeed, they seem to contribute remarkably to the promotion of tourism in Algeria, because never letting an opportunity slip away without taking a picture of any landscape that jumps out at them, while accompanying it with an extract from the history of the region. visited.

Facebook fans have also greatly appreciated what the American diplomat and his wife are doing, considering that they render such an immense service to the tourism sector in Algeria, arguing that the latter are suddenly supplanting the Ministry of Tourism and the agencies. tourism.

In truth, they appear to be serving as guides as Algerian families are keen to follow suit and explore sites the American couple have already visited.

Remember that during his first outing, after taking up his duties as Joan Polaschik’s replacement, Desroch chose the town of Tipasa, where he enjoyed the magical landscapes and Roman ruins which continue to enchant visitors.

Thus the visits of the American diplomat and his wife multiply, among others the narrow paths of the Kasbah of Algiers, the city of Cherchell, then Constantine before heading south, namely Timimoun. Arriving there, Karen Rose, so flabbergasted, revealed that she had taken a “dream trip.

In addition, they solicit their followers on facebook to provide them with beautiful sites that are worth visiting.

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