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Algerian artist claims more than $8 million from Quebec

A young Algerian artist man falsely accused of pimping in Quebec is seeking $8.2 million in compensation. According to Radio Canada, the 20-year-old Osama Kada obtained a stay of proceedings, which led “to his release from the charges against him in June 2018,” Radio Canada reported on Saturday.

But in the meantime, he has had to spend 15 months in prison. That is why he and his family are demanding financial compensation.

The young Algerian artist victim of racism

Justice Marie-Claude Gilbert, who announced the stay of proceedings, said that “law enforcement officials have put their desire to win at all costs ahead of the fundamental principles so dear to our justice system.

According to Me Mathieu Giroux, the lawyer for young Kada, the police have engaged in discriminatory behaviour. According to him, Osama Kada was “a victim of racial profiling” because he is of Algerian origin. The lawyer believes that “the faults committed by the police … are simply shocking in their seriousness and number.

According to the court document, cited by Radio Canada, Kada is a “photographic artist” who maintained a public figure with an “extravagant image.

Asserting that he made a living from his art until his arrest, his lawyer wrote that his professional reputation was forever tarnished.

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