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Algerian rapper “Enima” stripped of permanent residence and right to enter Canada

Last week, the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Commission canceled the permanent residency of Algerian rapper “Enima”, as a result, Samir Soleimani, known technically as “Enima”, loses the right to enter Canada.

The decision of the Canadian Immigration and Asylum Board came due to the singer’s absence from the hearing in which he was summoned to determine his legal status in Canada.

The commissioner of the committee said: “The fact that Mr. Soleimani did not attend his session and his failure to comply with the conditions imposed on him after the suspension of the decision to expel him indicates that Mr. Soleimani did not respect the institutions and that the rehabilitation process was not serious.

Immediately afterwards, the Canada Border Services Agency issued an arrest warrant against the singer. He will be deported from Canada if caught. He is also being sued by the Montreal Police for breach of conditions and by the Ontario Police in a shooting case.

The singer “Enima” arrived in Canada at the age of eleven, without having obtained Canadian citizenship.

Due to his involvement in several crimes, including theft, possession of weapons and armed attacks, a stay ban was imposed on him in 2014. However, he was subsequently granted residency on humanitarian grounds. after call.

He was allowed to stay in Canada under a series of conditions. However, according to Toronto police, in June 2019, one person was seriously injured by gunshot in a feud. After that he left Canada.

The 27-year-old singer is currently outside of Canada. We do not know if he is in Algeria or in another country.

On her Instagram account, Tara Al-Mughni claims to be in Algeria, and at other times in France or even in Montreal.

The singer’s lawyer said he did not know the whereabouts of his client and whether Canada had asked another country to extradite the singer to prosecute him in the shooting case.

For the information, there is no judicial agreement between Algeria and Canada.

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