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Algerians, then Moroccans and Tunisians are part of the list of foreigners most fond of Parisian real estate

Algerians, then Moroccans and Tunisians are part of the list of foreigners most fond of Parisian real estate

According to the data of senior notaries or notaries of the French capital, Paris, five nationalities, including Algerian, stand out in the “Top 5” of foreign buyers of old real estate in Ile-de-France.

According to these data for 2021, foreign buyers were the most passionate about real estate in the Paris region, Portuguese buyers representing 15.3% of foreign buyers, followed by Chinese (10.1%), Algerians (7.8% ), Romanians (7%) and Italians (6.5%). Twenty years ago, the interest of these five nationalities did not weaken, even if it tended to develop.

For twenty years, the share of Portuguese buyers in Île-de-France has steadily declined since in 2002 they represented 26% of foreign buyers, against only 15.3% in 2021. Conversely, the share of Romanian buyers fell from 0.3% in 2002 to 7% in 2021.

Another notable trend is the share of Algerian buyers, which rose to third place in the top 5 of foreign buyers in Ile-de-France.

The Chinese are also showing their interest in real estate in the region because they are ranked second in the “Top 5”, and they are mainly found in Paris (3%) and in the inner suburbs (5.4%).

According to the figures for the first three quarters of 2021, the proportion of foreigners among buyers of old goods in Ile-de-France was 9.3%, with 8.6% of foreigners residing in France and 0.7% of ‘non-resident aliens.

The classification is different between Paris on the one hand and its near and distant suburbs on the other. Thus, Chinese buyers represent 2.7% of sales to foreigners in Old Paris, a percentage which has tended to increase in 20 years (1.2% in 2002).

Other nationalities are also present in Paris: the Italians who represent 3% of sales, the Americans (1.5%), the Germans (1.2%) and the Belgians (0.9%).

In the suburbs near Paris, the Chinese are the most represented buyers with 5.4%, against 4% of Portuguese, 3.4% of Algerians, 2.5% of Romanians and 2.4% of Tunisians.

In more remote suburbs, the ranking changed again with the Portuguese taking first place with 10.9%, followed by Romanians (4.4%), Algerians (4.2%) and Moroccans and Tunisians (3,4%).

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