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Amazing in France, a street now bears the name of a woman in a Hijab

This is a first in France. While the debate on the wearing of the veil in public space rages on, the city of Caen has given a street the name of a veiled woman in a Hijab… But above all deserving.

Her name is Nadiya Lazzouni, she is 36 years old and is a jack-of-all-trades profession as a journalist, producer and also a lawyer.

A highly symbolic gesture

For the young woman who grew up near Rouen, another city in Normandie, this nameplate has a strong symbolic value in a France where the debate on the wearing of the veil in public space and on immigration is currently raging.

“We want to eradicate Muslim women who wear the hijab from public space and today, public space gives a street to a woman who wears it”, she underlines, not without irony, during the inauguration of this newly baptized street.

And to dedicate this plaque which now bears her name to all the “women who no longer have the strength to bear the psychological cost linked to the real and symbolic violence to which they are subjected”, to those “who die (…) under the blows. of their companions ”, to those who“ undergo street harassment ”, to those who are“ discriminated against in the job market because they wear a headscarf ”and finally, concludes the young woman, in memory of“ our fathers and mothers (…) who left their country of origin to rebuild France at the cost of their health ”.

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