In a sharp statement, Brigitte Bardot, a former French actress and now an animal rights activist, again attacked Muslims, calling Eid Al Adha “a disgusting religious holiday.

A few days before the celebration of Eid Al Adha, also known as the feast of sacrifice (of sheep), Brigitte Bardot, who claims to defend animal rights, attacks Muslims.

“On 31 July, the infamous religious feast of Eid-el-Kebir will take place, which like every year for years, will see the cruel sacrifice, without prior stunning, of hundreds of thousands of sheep, after a long and painful agony,” she says in a statement.

If Muslims in France can impose their archaic traditions on us under the helpless gaze of our rulers, then where is the secularism so much advocated in all this bloodshed in the name of a religion,” she asks before asking for “an urgent reaction” from the authorities.

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