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Canada: a province wants to attract francophone immigrants

In Canada, Quebec is known as the main destination for French-speaking and Algerian immigration in particular. The neighboring province of New Brunswick could become an important destination for Francophone immigration.

The Liberal Party of the province aims, in fact, to increase the population of 100,000 people by 2030. To achieve this, it intends to appeal to immigration, particularly francophone, reports the Radio-Canada site on Saturday.

Currently, less than a third of New Brunswick’s population is French-speaking. The government of the province of New Brunswick said in 2014 to target a proportion of Francophone immigrants of 33% by 2020, but this objective was not reached on time and the deadline was pushed back until 2024.

In the event that it manages to form a government, the Liberal Party intends to negotiate an increase in the immigration quota with the federal government, from 7,500 per year currently to 10,000, according to the same source.

However, he did not put forward any figures on the proportion of Francophone immigrants who would be part of these 10,000 potential newcomers each year.

The leader of the Liberal Party felt that bilingualism should be promoted and that the some 250 million Francophones in the world constitute a “vast pool of potential candidates” for New Brunswick businesses.

“In my opinion, this is a strength for us,” he added, without specifying the rate of francophone immigrants that his party intended to attract if it were taken to power.

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