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Canada has just been ranked second best country in the world

Canada has just been ranked second best country in the world

The 2021 Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index (NBI) collected more than 60,000 online interviews in 20 countries in the panel, ranking the top 60 countries according to their perception abroad.

The NBI has been ranking countries’ reputations since 2005, and although Canada has always been in the top ten, we have gained ground in recent years.

Our influential, welcoming, low-crime country has done quite well, making this year’s list the second national mark.

Canada went from a ranking of 67.86 in 2020 to 70.64 in 2021, although that slight increase was enough to push the Maple Leaf flag to its new second-place record.

While it is not enough to claim the top overall position, Canada still ranks first on the poll’s governance, population, immigration and investment indices, and still scores high in factors such as as exports, tourism and culture.

Only Germany ranked higher, retaining its top spot for the fifth consecutive year.

The ranking of the United States fell sharply in 2020, dropping from sixth to 10th place. And although their pandemic recovery and the rise in tourism have helped bring them back to 8th place, states still have some catching up to do. Just five years ago, the United States was number one on this list.

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