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Canada: More than 144,000 asylum applications filed last year

Canada: More than 144,000 asylum applications filed last year

The Canadian Border Services Agency and the Immigration Department processed a record 144,035 asylum applications in 2023, according to government data.
This is an increase of more than 56% compared to the 92,000 applications filed in Canada in 2022.

Quebec hosts the most asylum seekers in the country (65,570 asylum seekers), ahead of Ontario (63,390), British Columbia (7,695) and Alberta (6,050).

Last year, international airports in Quebec and Ontario were the main points of entry into the country for asylum seekers.

Airports in Quebec and Ontario welcomed 25,755 and 14,340 asylum seekers respectively.

Although the management of asylum seekers and immigration falls under federal jurisdiction, it is the provinces which must ensure the reception, care, education and housing of these tens of thousands of people who arrive in the country.

While in Nunavut, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assured that his government would share the burden and responsibility of continuing to be a country that welcomes people from all over the world and integrates them successfully.

At the start of the week, Mr. Trudeau reiterated, before the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, his intention to increase the annual number of immigrants welcomed to Canada to 500,000.

However, he said he wanted to regain control over temporary immigration, more specifically foreign students and temporary workers who, according to him, have a greater effect on the housing crisis.

Mr. Trudeau also invited higher education establishments and businesses to find housing solutions for these temporary residents themselves.

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