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Canada, new land of Eldorado for Moroccans

The Moroccans would have chosen a new favorite land, quite unexpected given the distance that separates them, after having long coveted certain countries in Europe.

More and more Moroccan CSP +, often having a foothold in the professional world, are now targeting Canada to fulfill their desires elsewhere. In a country where insecurity, social and gender inequalities are glaring, Canada appears as a land of salvation.

“Everyone around us wants to get out of Canada”

For a couple of young Moroccans in their thirties living illegally in cohabitation and without the knowledge of their own families, sexual relations outside marriage being punishable by prison, leaving becomes essential for their freedom as well as their privacy.

Everyone around us wants to get out of Canada,” Rania told us in October in an apartment she is supposed to occupy on her own as stipulated in the lease agreement. “I came back to Morocco after several years of studying in France to prove to myself that I could do it. I still am, but I don’t want to anymore. Morocco looks stable at the moment, I don’t give it ten or fifteen years before it breaks out. There is great frustration and no public policy capable of responding to it, “said the one who, together with her companion, is seriously considering settling in Canada, after having spent many years studying in France. Among her criteria of choice, she evokes the more peaceful social climate, according to her, vis-à-vis foreigners of Muslim faith.

This phenomenon is relatively recent, according to immigration consulting firms, as evidenced by a survey carried out by news magazine Telquel. For the past three years, executives whose salaries are equivalent to 5,000 euros and more have reportedly expressed their intention to leave the kingdom in the coming months for maple country.

Ontario, the most popular province for Moroccans

And it would be the new procedure initiated in Canada in January 2015, “Express Entry”, which would have opened the floodgates, promising a response within a year. For applicants to emigrate to Ontario – the most popular destination for Moroccans – workers must be French-speaking and English-speaking, with a bachelor’s degree in hand, work experience of at least one year and savings for to be able to settle down.

Regarding the reasons for leaving the kingdom, the attacks in the streets, the deleterious social climate but also the high cost of the health system and the private school, which has become essential in the face of the failure of education in the public , come up often in discussions. At the cultural level, the Anglo-Saxon state of mind in Canada would induce better integration of immigrants, considered more favorable and less assimilationist than in Europe. Finally, if Morocco has an unemployment rate of nearly 10% nationally, Canada is around 5%.

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