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Canada: record number of immigrants in 2022

Canada: record number of immigrants in 2022, but which countries do they come from?

Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has reiterated his desire to strengthen immigration to Canada by all means. After 2 years of disruption, things have started again with already 300,000 immigrants received in Canada since the beginning of 2022. The previous record dating from 2021 and amounting to more than 405,000 newcomers who have set foot on Canadian soil with residency status.

According to the figures given by the Minister of Immigration, we can expect to smash this previous record with a target of more than 431,000 new immigrants who should arrive in Canada in 2022.

Historically, Canada has only ever welcomed more than 300,000 immigrants in a year 6 times, in 1911, 1912 1913, 2018, 2019 and 2021.

However, the immigration rate is expected to stabilize over the next few years, after experiencing record highs in recent years.

The province of Ontario is the one that receives the largest share of newcomers, followed by Quebec and British Columbia.


At the start of Canadian Confederation around 1867, most new people arrived from the British Isles, but over time this has changed greatly. In the 1960s most of the new arrivals came from Asian countries.

Today the portrait of immigration in Canada has changed and it is India which is the country of origin of the majority of immigrants who settle in Canada. Quebec does not necessarily reflect this pattern and all of these figures take into account the national average.

Country Number of new immigrants from January to June 2022
India 68 280
China 16 540
Philippines 12 630
Afghanistan 11 415
Nigeria 10 080
Iran 6 425
France 6 280
United States 6 025
Pakistan 5 505
Brazil 4 810

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