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Canada: relaunch of the lottery for family reunification

The lottery for family reunification, allowing immigrant parents and grandparents to join relatives living in canada will be reinstated on October 13.

According to radio canada, the canadian government has announced the relaunch of the lottery which will allow parents and grandparents of immigrants to settle in canada, starting october 13. “We know that last year the demand was high and that some people were disadvantaged by the (online) admission process, so we wanted to create equal conditions for all as much as possible,” said the minister of immigration.

Moreover, a program based on the principle of “first come, first served” was established by canada last year, but which failed, according to the authorities, because people who wanted to immigrate to join their children had to do so. quickly to fill out the form. However, this system disadvantages anyone with a disability, or who has a literacy problem, or even a poor internet connection.

Thus, next Friday October 13 will mark the opening of a lottery program which will allow parents and grandparents of immigrants to join their families in Canada, for a period of three weeks, giving the possibility to immigrants who want to bring their relatives to fill out the forms online.

At the end of the lottery, which will last three weeks, 10,000 people will be selected, and can make sponsorship requests, to be submitted within the following 60 days.

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