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Canada: the federal government wants to limit the number of foreign students in certain provinces

Canada: the federal government wants to limit the number of foreign students in certain provinces

Faced with the housing shortage currently plaguing Canada, the federal government plans to reduce the number of foreign students admitted to certain provinces, Radio Canada reported on Wednesday.

Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia are among the provinces concerned, added the Canadian media.

The idea of imposing a cap on the number of foreign students admitted to the country as temporary residents is an option seriously considered, according to the same source.

“Ottawa believes it has an obligation to act, after discussions with the provinces concerned in December, which led nowhere,” underlined Radio Canada, noting that certain provinces refuse to require ceilings from educational establishments which accommodate too many students compared to the capacity of the housing stock in the region where they are located.

For educational establishments as well as the provinces concerned, these students are a significant source of revenue, since they pay tuition fees five times higher than permanent residents or Canadian citizens.

Thus, in 2018, international students in Canada contributed approximately $21.6 billion to Canada’s GDP and supported nearly 170,000 jobs for the Canadian middle class, according to government data.

Speaking at the Montreal Chamber of Commerce, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended the target of 500,000 new arrivals per year, saying that this is the number the country needs to create economic growth and fill the gap. labor shortage.

“What poses a challenge, again according to the Prime Minister, is rather temporary residents, in particular foreign students and temporary workers.” “It is in these groups that we will have to restore order,” he said.

Trudeau said that establishments that welcome foreign students and employers who wish to hire workers from outside Canada will have to do their part.

“We will have to [que les establishments] ensure that there is accommodation for these students. Otherwise, it puts a lot of pressure on the communities and cities in which they are located,” underlined the Prime Minister.

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