As of November 30, anyone in Canada will not be able to leave the country by plane without having been properly vaccinated. This is of particular concern to temporary workers and foreign students who are currently in Canada and who refuse vaccination. These people will find themselves at an impasse as they will no longer be able to leave the country to find their families.

“The vaccination requirements will apply to all travelers aged 12 and over who are air passengers on domestic, transborder or international flights departing from a Canadian airport.” – – Extract from a Transport Canada press release

This measure seems inconsistent since since September, only tourists entering Canada must be vaccinated while newcomers, whether new permanent residents, temporary workers, or students can enter Canada without having been vaccinated, provided to undergo a test and a 14-day quarantine.

In effect, a foreign national residing in Canada will no longer be able to leave Canada if they are not fully immunized. As the holiday season approaches, many of them will face a measure that will be difficult to justify. How do you explain that we let unvaccinated people in and not let them out?

Arabs in Toronto

Arabs in Toronto

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