The official Canadian government website has issued a warning to all Canadian citizens wishing to travel to a number of countries, including Morocco, effective July 22, 2022.

The site has marked the level of warning against travel to Morocco in yellow, which indicates that there are security concerns, while the situation can change quickly; The traveler should be very careful at all times and check with the local media, following the instructions of the local authorities.

Regarding local risks, the site raises the alert to a red level, so that the government specifies that it is better to avoid moving within a radius of 30 km west of the Wall of Sand, the military zone located on the border between the Wall of Sand and neighboring countries to the east and south, noting the threats of terrorism and dangerous attacks on foreigners.

It should be noted that the Canadian government website updates world travel instructions as events evolve and provides safety, health and tourism advice for Canadian citizens wishing to visit any countries of the world, with an assessment of the security levels in that country.

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