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Canadian cities are still among the most liveable in the world

Canadian cities are still among the most liveable in the world

Once again this year, three Canadian cities are in the Top 10 of the ranking of the most pleasant cities in the world according to the analysis carried out by the “Economist Intelligence Unit”. The city of Vienna in Austria once again takes first place in this prestigious international ranking.

Compared to the 2019 rankings, Canadian cities have moved up the rankings as Calgary, Alberta is now tied for third in the world with Zurich, Switzerland, and the city of Vancouver has moved from 6th place to fifth. For its part, the city of Toronto fell one rank, dropping to 8th place.

You would think that Toronto and Vancouver would dominate the charts in Canada since they are well-known Canadian cities, but it turns out that Calgary is the best place to live, at least for this year.

However, factors such as war, unrest and the ability to cope with COVID modulated in the rankings, meaning there were key changes when comparing this year’s rankings to the lists. from 2019 to 2021.

To make this assessment, experts look at several aspects of cities such as its infrastructure, air quality, cultural, educational and medical offer. The ranking assesses 172 cities around the world.

List of the most pleasant cities in the world 2022:

  1. Vienna, Austria
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Zürich, Switzerland
  4. Calgary, Canada
  5. Vancouver, Canada
  6. Geneva, Switzerland
  7. Frankfurt, Germany
  8. Toronto, Canada
  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  10. Osaka, Japan

Among the cities that have made the most progress this year, Paris is in 19th position, Brussels 24th, London 33rd, Barcelona 35th and Los Angeles in 37th position for 2022.

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