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Canadian Muslims call on politicians to fight Islamophobia

Canadian Muslims call on politicians to fight Islamophobia

Bruised by the tragedy of Ontario, the Muslim community in Canada wants to force the hand of politicians to make the fight against hatred and Islamophobia a priority.

The initiative comes from the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), which intends to push the federal government and the political parties preparing to run for office, to make concrete commitments in the fight against anti-Muslim hatred in Ontario, reports Saphirnews.

To do this, it has published a white paper called Our London Family Act, which includes a series of recommendations addressed to the main parties. During her presentation ceremony, Nadia Hasan, on behalf of the NCCM, said “we have to see the action and we have to see it now.”

The objective of the document is to encourage them to eliminate systemic racism and to advance racial and social equality in schools, in particular calling on politicians to invest heavily in anti-Islamophobia training for teachers and educational officials.

In addition, the organization called on the authorities to dismantle all white supremacist groups in the province, including by preventing them from registering as associations. She calls for a ban for these hate groups to demonstrate within 50 meters of places of worship, which should be considered “safe areas”, whether or not they are Muslims. Finally, Ontario is called upon to hire more people from minorities in the public service.

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