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Concern among Muslim charities in Canada

Concern among Muslim charities in Canada

In Canada, dozens of Muslim charities, fearing they will be unfairly targeted for audits, want the national security watchdog to investigate the matter. These structures expressed their concerns in a letter sent Wednesday to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and several members of his Cabinet, reports Radio-Canada.

A recently released report by the Coalition for International Civil Liberties Oversight (ICLMG) says that the Charities Leadership Review and Analysis Division of the Canada Revenue Agency is working with charities national security to carry out audits, with little accountability. The document states that between 2008 and 2015, 75% of organizations revoked as a result of charitable status as a result of divisional audits were Muslim charities. At least four others have had their status withdrawn since then. The document adds that despite these dismissals, not a single Muslim charity or associated person has been charged with a terrorist financing crime.

The signatories of the letter, which include the Ottawa-based ICLMG and other civil society organizations, want the government to refer the matter to the National Security and Intelligence Review Office.

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