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Coronavirus: Ranking of African countries best equipped to deal with the pandemic

At the time this article is posted, no less than 575 Africans have already lost their lives to the coronavirus: 205 in Algeria, 103 in Egypt, 93 in Morocco, 24 in Tunisia and 23 in Burkina Faso. This macabre statistic, from which one cannot escape, should logically be inversely correlated with the country’s capacity to care for its critically ill patients.

However, a closer look reveals that, on the contrary, it is the best-equipped countries that are the most seriously affected. This is at least what we are forced to observe, according to data collected through various sources by the weekly Jeune Afrique.

The observation made by the newspaper based in France is first of all that the countries of the continent are unequally endowed with state-of-the-art health infrastructures. Secondly, on the whole, the latter are cruelly lacking.

With regard to resuscitation beds as well as respiratory assistance equipment, Morocco is the best endowed on the continent, according to data collected and commented by the weekly.

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