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CSIS and the secrets of the Saudi royals

A US court has issued a subpoena to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed ben Salmane (MBS). A former Saudi secret service official, Saad al-Jabri, a refugee in Toronto, says the prince wants him assassinated.
MBS has already sent killers to Canada in 2018 to eliminate him shortly after the murder of Saudi dissident columnist Jamal Khashoggi. Saad al-Jabri was close to Prince Ben Nayef, who was ousted from power in 2017 and imprisoned following the MBS “coup”.
Al-Jabri is aware of sensitive information about Ben Salman’s secret political intrigues in the Royal Court, his corrupt business dealings and other royal secrets. He states in his lawsuit against ben Salman filed in the Washington District Court: “Few places contain more sensitive, humiliating and damning information about the defendant ben Salman than the mind and memory of Dr. Saad – with the possible exception of the recordings made by Dr. Saad in anticipation of his assassination.”
In order to force al-Jabri to return home, ben Salmane had two of his children, Omar, 22, and Sarah, 20, “disappeared” in mid-March 2020, sequestered in an unknown location.
In October 2018, less than two weeks after Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in Istanbul, a team of Saudi killers came to Toronto to kill him. The assassins attempted to enter Canada illegally, travelling on tourist visas. They attracted the suspicion of Toronto airport customs officials because they were carrying two bags of forensic tools. Not exactly the stuff of normal tourists.
The group included two crime scene clean-up specialists – members of the same department as the medical examiner who dismembered Khashoggi’s body with a bone saw. The Canada Border Services Agency refused them entry, except for one, who had a Saudi diplomatic passport.
This was not the first time the killers of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia had come to Canada. In May 2018, they attempted to lure the dissident Omar Abdulaziz to the Saudi Arabian embassy in Ottawa. The Sherbrooke resident was in close contact with Khashoggi. Spyware installed on Omar Abdulaziz’s phone had allowed Saudi agents to spy on their conversations. They had done the same with Saad al-Jabri’s phone and were able to determine its location.

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