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Dating apps for Muslims hit the nail on the head during pandemic

While Dating apps for Muslims Muzmatch and Minder have grown in popularity in recent years, they have seen an even greater increase in their downloads and usage levels during the pandemic.

The dating app Minder, launched in 2015, saw a 20% increase in its number of downloads worldwide during the pandemic.

Muzmatch, launched in 2014, for its part noted a number of downloads 45% higher than normal in the world and 16% higher in Canada in March. The latter also recorded an 8.7% increase in the number of love sets offered by the platform, revealing an increase in its number of users.

Another dating app, Hawaya, which launched in Canada last March, saw a 200% increase in the number of scans of its Canadian users between May and June.

Unlike its traditional cousins Tinder and Bumble, apps for Muslims don’t offer the option of being restricted to a particular area. Thus, Muslims in Alberta can correspond with all users in the world.

According to Muzmatch, the top three countries with which most Canadians correspond outside of Canada are the United States, Morocco and the United Kingdom.

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