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Dubai launches new visa program

Dubai opens its doors to digital nomads, offering them a one-year program that will allow them to live and work remotely from the United Arab Emirates.

More and more countries are starting to offer visas for digital nomads, those people who work remotely, and who can settle anywhere in the world.

Dubai suggests mixing business and pleasure in a new program for digital nomads. This new program allows remote employees to relocate to Dubai and bring their families there.

How does this nomad visa program work?

The virtual work program lasts for one year. It costs $ 287, plus the cost of medical insurance with coverage valid in the United Arab Emirates, as well as an administration fee. However, payment of the processing fee does not guarantee approval of the request.

The foreign worker will then have access to public services, telecommunications, and educational opportunities for children. It should be noted that Dubai does not levy personal income tax.

Steps to take to benefit from the program in Dubai

The applicant must have a passport valid for at least 6 months, health insurance with valid coverage in the United Arab Emirates. He must also provide proof of employment from the current employer with a one-year contract, and a minimum of $ 5,000 per month of salary.

He will also be asked to add to his file the salary slip for the last months and the bank statements for the previous 3 months.

If this is a company owner, then proof of ownership of the company for one year or more will be required, with an average monthly income of $ 5,000 per month and bank statements for the previous 3 months.

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