In Edmonton, in the Canadian province of Alberta, a Jewish association has joined the local mosque to offer help and comfort to those in need during the severe cold weather the city is currently experiencing. Jewish Edmonton brought food to the Al Rashid Mosque, which usually opens its doors to homeless people in the winter.

“Thank you to the Al Rashid mosque for opening its doors to the homeless during this episode of extreme cold. The mosque has kept its doors open every night throughout this week. To help them, we donated food and water. Thank you for also thinking of sending help, ”tweeted, Thursday, January 6, the association.

The mosque, which has been appealing for donations and volunteers for several days, enthusiastically accepted help from Jewish Edmonton. “This is how our community can come together! Thank you to Jewish Edmonton for helping with our efforts to keep our neighbors safe,” mosque officials responded.

The mayor of Edmonton and the local senator praised this act of solidarity and thanked the two religious communities. Edmonton is experiencing one of the most severe cold spells in decades, with extreme temperatures approaching -35 degrees during the first week of January.

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