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“Educate yourself, North Africans are not Arabs.”

Internet users from countries on the Arabian Peninsula are trying to “correct history” on Twitter. They insist and persist: “North Africans are not Arabs”.

A new map of the Arab world has been published on the social network excluding North Africans from the Arab world. It was indicated that they are of Berber (Amazigh) origin. The Egyptians, on the other hand, are considered Coptic.

The origin of this new Arab map was caused by clashes between members of the Maghreb community and some members of the Chechen community in the Grésilles district of Dijon in western France a few days ago. The violence follows a beating of a Chechen in a chicha bar. The clashes were widely reported on Twitter. What annoyed Arab Internet users was that the tweets talked about violence between Chechen and Arab gangs.

“Arabs are a superior race. Those who speak Arabic cannot become Arabs […] Arabs only exist in the Arabian Peninsula,” a Twitter user reacted. “Arabs are only in the Arabian Peninsula […] North Africans are not Arabs, Morocco, Algeria bla bla bla bla are not Arabs. Arabs are from rich countries and they are not refugees,” commented another.

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