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First name Mohammed loses first place in Belgium

The list of the most common first names in Belgium in 2019 has been updated on the Statbel website of the Belgian government. In this year’s new ranking, the first names Emma and Mohammed are replaced by Arthur and Olivia.

The first name Mohammed has remained at the top of the list of the most common first names in Belgium since 1995. The prominent place it has occupied in the minds of many parents is now occupied by another first name. Arthur took the spotlight off him by relegating him to last place in the top 10. According to, Arthur is the most popular first name, with a total of 610 in 2019. He is followed by Liam (575), Louis (549), Noah (545), Adam (504), Julius (470), Lucas (451), Victor (449), Gabriel (391) and Mohamed (357).

With regard to the most given female names, Emma, who occupied the first place for 16 years, was also deprived. Parents in both Flanders and Wallonia now have a soft spot for Olivia, 651 of whom were born in 2019. This is followed by Emma (563), Mila (518), Louise (515), Alice (407), Lina (388), Juliette (378), Anna (349), Elena (347) and Lucie (343).

According to the same source, Athena, Divine, Miracle, Pretty, Lovely or Melody are the least given female names in 2019. On the side of the uncommon but daring male names, new babies will be named Zinedine, Rares, Priam, Olaf or even Jazz and Django.

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