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France exports poor quality meat to Arab countries

France exports poor quality meat to Arab countries

France exports poor quality meat to Arab countries? Several animal protection associations have denounced the ill-treatment inflicted on many animals born and sold alive in France to be slaughtered in Arab countries. Unbearable images of these animals during their transport to the Maghreb were broadcast in a report by France Info.

Association officials did not appreciate the plight of these animals. According to Adeline Colonat, member of the Welfarm association who attended the transport of these animals in the ports of Sète, it is an endless parade of trucks that fill the cargo ships with several stalls with animals, cattle, sheep and sheep in the port of Cartagena in Spain during the heat of July and August.

In the images broadcast by associations at the port of Cartagena, the animals are severely beaten with sometimes electric shocks. One of his animals that escaped and tried to escape by sea was caught and beaten before being dragged into the container.

For Welfarm, this is the meat of male animals unwanted in France but exported to these Maghreb countries. “The animals were born in France on intensive or small farms. Then they will pass through collection centers where the animals are grouped according to their size and weight. They are then transported by truck to the port of Sète or to Cartagena or Tarragona, ”explains Adeline Colonat.

These cargo ships can hold up to 3,000 animals that undergo degrading treatment before reaching their final destination. The duration of the trip can vary between two or 15 days depending on the country of destination. The activist also deplores the slaughter conditions. “We know that in these countries there is no necessary infrastructure for slaughter.

Beyond the slaughter without stunning, it is the agony of the animal that is very long “. According to this, the killing of these animals is endless and the herders cannot afford to immobilize the animals. “They run after them, they hit them, they drag them with ropes, they hang them by the legs. It’s really the whole part before death that is unbearable for the animal, ”she laments. According to Adeline Colonat, France should only send carcasses and meat.

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