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Germany has just relaxed the criteria for obtaining citizenship

Germany has just relaxed the criteria for obtaining citizenship

Last Friday, the House of Representatives in Germany passed a law that relaxes the requirements for obtaining citizenship and expands the possibility of holding two nationalities, in order to significantly reduce the labor shortage experienced by the largest power economy of Europe.

It will now be possible to apply for German nationality after only 5 years of residence in the country instead of 8 years, according to this text supported by the government of Chancellor Olaf Schulz and approved by the House of Representatives.

The law will also pave the way for more people to obtain dual citizenship, representing an opportunity for Germany’s large Turkish community, which numbers around one and a half million people.

In the United States, it’s completely normal to call someone German-American,” Schulz said. “I think this feeling of being German and Italian, or German and Turkish, corresponds to the reality of many of our citizens in this country. it shows respect.

Dual nationality is so far limited to citizens of the European Union and Switzerland.

After the law was passed, Interior Minister Nancy Weiser stressed that “our reform is crucial for the German economic situation.”

She added: “We are in the middle of a global competition to attract the best minds. We urgently need skilled workers in many sectors of our economy.”

Germany, which has around 82 million inhabitants, is experiencing an aging population which is exacerbating labor shortage problems.

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