Ginella Massa is the name of the first Muslim journalist wearing the veil (hijab) to present a nationwide prime-time television program in Canada. This premiere starts on Monday January 11.

The young Muslim journalist, 33, will be at the helm of CBC’s “Canada Tonight with Ginella Massa”, Radio Canada reported, adding that the show will air live at 8 p.m.

“I’m really excited, although a little nervous. Switching from local television to a national platform is a big change and I feel a big responsibility. It’s Canada’s national channel, so I know the spotlight is going to be on me […] The emphasis is so much on the fact that I am a Muslim and that I wear the hijab, ”explains the young journalist, born in Panama and who grew up between North York and Scarborough, in the province of Ontario.

“I started to realize that a lot of the negative reactions were coming from people who had never really watched what I had done,” Ginella Massa continues. He concludes: “They don’t even judge me on my abilities, they only make judgments on the basis of something I have chosen to bear and that is their problem, not mine.”

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