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Google Flight now offers a tip to pay less for your plane tickets

Google Flight now offers a tip to pay less for your plane tickets

It’s a question that we’ve all asked ourselves one day: is it better to order plane tickets well in advance, or on the contrary to wait until the last minute in order to take advantage of the cheapest prices? lower ?

If skiplagging allows you to save on flights, Google has just implemented a simpler feature allowing you to take advantage of the best prices when purchasing plane tickets.

As its name suggests, Google Flight is a service offered by Google that allows you to search through all flights to find the one that best suits your needs. This allows you to filter by flight company by choosing whether your flight will have stopovers or not, as well as of course, the flight dates and prices.

A particularly useful service with the aim of saving money, and which becomes even more so from this week. Indeed, Google Flight will offer a new feature that indicates to the traveler when it is more advantageous to order plane tickets for a chosen date. The service will indicate if it is the right time to start, or if it is better to wait for a price drop depending also on the destination of course.

A new Google Flight feature that will make people happy

As Google presents it, this new feature will be able to indicate the best time of year for your purchase, based on previously observed prices. He will therefore tell you the best time to order tickets, and how much you can save on average by following his advice.

The icing on the tarmac, it is also possible (and recommended) to make maximum savings, to launch price monitoring for a given destination and date, in order to receive notifications in the event of a falling price. Some flights highlighted by Google Flight will also carry a notice which guarantees that the price will not drop lower, thus giving confidence in ordering immediately, without having regrets, provided you are not afraid of turbulence which is much more frequent from now on.

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