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Hajj: special arrival of a Moroccan pilgrim in Mecca

A Moroccan pilgrim reached Saudi Arabia in a special way. Yassine Ghallam made a 4-year journey through 28 countries on foot and by bicycle.

“I spent four years traveling on foot just to reach Mecca so that I could perform the Hajj,” Yacine said in a video that went viral on social networks. January 2017 will mark the beginning of this journey.

“The kingdom has limited the number of pilgrims this year to protect our health. (…) So I decided to come to the south and enjoy my time, because the weather is good. I didn’t expect the region to be so beautiful. (…) I experienced warm hospitality in the kingdom every day,” he added. The Moroccan traveler said he walked from Mecca to Medina on foot, following the journey of the Prophet Muhammad.

Yassin is staying in Abha. His story won over the Saudis so much that he was visited by people who gave him support and comfort. Saudi media personality Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi is one of them. “We have come from Qassim to meet you. You are our guest and the guest of every household in the kingdom. We are very happy to have you,” he told Yassin.

“The reason we came to Abha so quickly was because we were touched by your story,” said a member of the Al-Mutairi group. I want to offer you something too. We’ll take care of your Hajj expenses for next year. Also, the group has promised to take care of his mother’s trip to Mecca in 2021, for the very first time. “I have wonderful news for you. My Saudi friends will take care of your trip to Hajj next year,” he told his mother.

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