Mohamed Yalouh, a young Moroccan inventor has just won the Gold Medal and the Best Invention Design Award at the 2020 iCAN International Invention Competition, held in Toronto.

In a statement, the Moroccan Association OFEED explains that the final of the competition took place on Saturday, August 29, with the participation of 60 countries. The event took place remotely given the corinavirus pandemic (Covid-19). The same source specifies that the award-winning invention relates to a diesel engine for helicopters, 6-stroke cars and multiple horsepower. Among its characteristics, it is added, are great fuel economy, better thermal stability, easier maintenance, low noise and a more efficient and environmentally friendly engine.

Member of the OFEED Association since last June, Mohamed Yalouh (15) is the first Moroccan inventor to receive the “Inv” certificate issued for the most deserving inventors by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA). Last July, he obtained a certificate of honor for his participation in the international competition “Inventions Vs Corona” organized by the same body.

It should also be remembered that the iCAN event, initiated by the Toronto International Society of Innovation & Advanced Skills, has set itself the objective of organizing a special platform in Toronto, Canada, to foster creativity and give life to the culture of exhibitions. innovation by offering inventors and students from all over the world opportunities to expand their space of activities.

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