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In China, “halal” organs of Muslim prisoners sold to wealthy Gulf clients

China harvests organs from Uighurs locked in camps and sells them to wealthy Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. This is the sad fate reserved for these Muslim prisoners in Asia.

“It’s easy. Chinese hospitals sell the organs and Muslims who need a transplant buy them,” says journalist Ethan Gutmannn. According to the testimony of a prisoner in his thirties, quoted by Vice magazine, China has a turnover of half a million dollars for several organs sold. What attracts Muslim customers to buy these “halal” organs is that these “donors” have never consumed pork or alcohol.

According to Ethan Gutmann, some 25,000 Uighurs between the ages of 25 and 35 are killed each year for their organs. And their corpses would be cremated to erase any evidence that might overwhelm the Chinese authorities. Another aspect: the waiting times in China for transplants are particularly short (about 12 days, compared to 3.6 years in the United States). The only contrast is that the Chinese organ donor list is only about 373,000 people, compared to 145 million in the United States,” he said.

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