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Islamophobia: Justin Trudeau supports the Muslim community

Islamophobia: Justin Trudeau supports the Muslim community

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supports the Muslim community engaged in the fight against Islamophobia. He insists that this scourge “has no place” in his country.

“Ultimately, the politics of division cannot take root if we refuse to be divided. And hatred cannot be integrated if we stand up against it, ”the Canadian Prime Minister said during his participation in the national summit on Islamophobia, held by videoconference last Thursday. On occasion, he referred to media reports indicating that Muslim charities would be unfairly targeted by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA, public) through audits and sanctions.

“From ARC to security agencies, institutions should support people, not target them. We hear that, ”said Justine Trudeau. In this sense, he promised adjustments. “As many of you have pointed out, part of the way forward has to be an inclusive public service rather than just diverse. And the voices of all those who have lived experiences and expertise on Islamophobia must be at the center of our work, ”he added.

The leader of the Liberal Party agrees that examples of hatred and division online and in public discourse are rife in recent years. “With the (Covid-19) pandemic, we have also seen an increase in anti-Black racism, anti-Asian racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia,” he insisted.

Reacting to the attack on two veiled Muslim women – a mother and daughter, aged 62 and 26, respectively – in the city of Hamilton, the Prime Minister said “that no woman in Canada should be feel unsafe when she walks down the street, no matter what she is wearing and no matter what color her skin is. We can and we must take a different path ”.

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