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Justin Trudeau praises the contributions of Muslim Canadians

Justin Trudeau praises the contributions of Muslim Canadians

“Eid el-Fitr is an opportunity for all of us to recognize how contributions of Muslim Canadians continue to shape our country and to celebrate the diversity that is part of our identity,” said Mr. Trudeau in a message on the occasion of Eid el-Fitr.

“Tonight, at sunset, Muslims in Canada and around the world will celebrate Eid El Fitr to mark the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting and prayer,” he said.

He said Eid el-Fitr, “one of Islam’s most important holidays, is an opportunity to express gratitude and compassion for those in need.

Traditionally, he said, Muslims celebrate it by attending special morning prayers, sharing meals with loved ones and giving generously to others. Noting that many Eid traditions and celebrations will be different this year because of Covid-19, the Canadian Chief Executive noted that members of the Muslim community, as they did throughout Ramadan, “will be praying at home and using virtual means to mark this special day. By following the advice of public health experts, “we will get through this difficult time together,” he said.

The Prime Minister noted that “since the beginning of Ramadan, Muslim Canadians have been helping those in need by donating food and supplies.

In addition, he concluded, many members of this community are on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic as medical and essential workers.

The first day of Eid el-Fitr will be celebrated on Sunday by Muslims in Canada, the community’s representative bodies and associations announced.

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