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Justin Trudeau’s message to Muslims in Canada

Justin Trudeau's message to Muslims in Canada

Ramadan begins this Saturday, April 2, 2022 in Canada. The day before, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent a message to the Muslim community in which he wished them peace and happiness.

“One of the five pillars of Islam, this spiritual journey lasts a month and is a period of fasting, charitable donations and prayers. At the end of each day, families and friends usually gather to share iftar, the meal that allows them to break the fast at sunset,” writes the Canadian Prime Minister. According to him, Ramadan is “a privileged opportunity to show our gratitude for the many benefits we enjoy and to reflect on the values ​​of peace, compassion and generosity”. “These values ​​have helped us through the difficult times of the past two years,” said Justin Trudeau. They will continue to help us as we recover from the pandemic and look to the future with hope and optimism. »

He also highlighted the many contributions that Muslims in Canada have made and continue to make to his country. “Every day, they enrich Canada by practicing zakat to give back to those less fortunate, by volunteering for important causes and by doing many kind gestures towards their communities and their neighbors”, added the senior Canadian official, before wish on behalf of his family, his wife and him peace and happiness to all those who celebrate Ramadan.

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