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Justin Trudeau’s son caused a stir at Joe Biden’s reception

Justin Trudeau's son caused a stir at Joe Biden's reception

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s son has drawn widespread interaction for the way he received U.S. President Joe Biden during his first official visit to Canada.

Trudeau’s eldest son, Xavier, appeared shoeless and wearing dirty socks at the reception for Biden and his wife, Jill, at his parents’ home.

Strangely enough, all members of the Trudeau family, including the Canadian prime minister, were all wearing their shoes in the photo, except for his son, which drew a lot of criticism on social networks.

One account wrote: “Is this Justin Trudeau’s oldest son, did someone just wake him up and tell him to get dressed because the president is coming in wrinkled shirt and dirty socks. What a great way to represent Canada!”

Another account tweeted, denouncing, “This is how Trudeau’s son received the U.S. president in Ottawa!”

Another account on Twitter said, mocking the photo, “Well, that’s cute, especially Trudeau’s oldest son’s panties. Keep up the good work, Canada.”

Justin Trudeau's son caused a stir at Joe Biden's reception

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