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List of the happiest provinces in Canada in 2022

List of the happiest provinces in Canada in 2022

Canadians are among the happiest people on the planet according to many charts. But in which province was this happiness most noticeable? A post-covid Statistics Canada study provides the answer to this question.

It seems that residents of Newfoundland win the prize in Canada, followed by residents of Prince Edwards Island also in eastern Canada and Quebec. The Canadian happiness average is 51.7%.

What may surprise is that British Columbia and Ontario do not appear at the top of this ranking of the 10 Canadian provinces. Indeed, with satisfaction rates of 46.5% for the first and 48.4% for the second, these residents are below the Canadian average. It seems that despite the mild temperatures and the beauty of the west coast like Vancouver, the living environment of British Columbia does not offer as much pleasure as elsewhere in Canada since it comes at the very end of the list.

List of the happiest provinces in Canada in 2022:

  1. Newfoundland (61.7%)
  2. Prince Edward Island (59.7%)
  3. Quebec (58.7%)
  4. New Brunswick (56.8%)
  5. Manitoba (56.1%)
  6. Alberta (52.2%)
  7. Saskatchewan (51.2%)
  8. Nova Scotia (49.9%)
  9. Ontario (48.4%)
  10. British Columbia (46.5%)


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