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Many Lebanese want to leave their country

Many Lebanese want to leave their country

The multifaceted and unprecedented crisis that has hit the land of the Cedars for two years has caused a wave of departures abroad. Six in ten people dream of leaving Lebanon for good, many Lebanese want to leave their country, according to a poll released Thursday, December 2 by the US statistics and analysis firm Gallup.

63% of Lebanese surveyed between August 10 and 28 would like to leave their country for good. The American institute indicates that the number of would-be emigrants has never exceeded 32%, in polls carried out in the past.

Muslims, the study says, are the most likely to want to leave with 67% of candidates, or 10% more than Christians.

Living conditions have deteriorated considerably over the past two years, pushing a large part of the Lebanese to despair. 80% of the population has fallen into poverty. The depreciation of the pound destroyed purchasing power and led to skyrocketing prices. Unemployment affects half of the working population and the already modest social safety nets hardly exist any more.

The US study also indicates that 53% of those polled were unable to buy food at least once in 2021, and 31% did not pay their rent.

A ministerial source told RFI that since the start of the crisis in October 2019, one million Lebanese, or one sixth of the population, have left the country.

Lebanon is emptying its top management, with the departure of tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, engineers and teachers.

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