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Mohamed, the most given name in the world

Mohamed, the most given name in the world

Mohamed is the most given name to men in the world, according to a study that has just been published. For girls, it is the name Mary.

According to a study conducted by Stephanie Rapoport, author of L’Officiel des Prénoms, Marie and Mohamed are the most popular names given to girls and boys around the world. To reach this conclusion, the author studied more than 300 countries for several months, reports the newspaper La Dernière heure.

The name “Mary” is the most popular for girls. This name of Catholic origin owes its popularity to its many variations such as Marie-Anne, Marie-Noëlle, Marie-Eve, among others.

For its part, the name “Mohamed” and its derivatives are the most popular for boys. This is not surprising. The author explains that in Muslim families, it is traditional to give the name of the Prophet Mohammed to the first boy in the family.

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