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Montreal: protesters demand the expulsion of Lebanese diplomats

Dozens of people demonstrated in front of the Lebanese consulate in Montreal on Sunday to express their anger against the Lebanese government and demand the expulsion of its representatives to Canada.

“”It is a criminal government and we are here to ask Canada to stop recognizing it and to expel its representatives”, in particular the Lebanese ambassador in Ottawa and the consul general in Montreal, said one of the organizers. , Ghadi Elkoreh.

The rally, at the call of the “United Diaspora in Montreal”, also aimed to express “our indignation towards the Lebanese government which did nothing to rescue its own people after the explosion of August 4, but did everything to quell protests in Beirut, ”Elkoreh added.

Another organizer also called for the dissolution of “representations of religious and sectarian (Lebanese) political parties that exist in Canada”.

A similar demonstration took place on Friday in front of the consulate.

Many members of the large Lebanese diaspora – estimated at some 200,000 people in Quebec – very affected by the disaster that struck Beirut, have mobilized to bring aid to the population of the Lebanese capital, collecting funds or provisions.

The Canadian government on Saturday announced the launch of a Lebanon Relief Fund and called on Canadians to be generous in providing humanitarian aid to the victims of the terrible explosion that left more than 158 dead and 6,000 injured in Beirut.

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