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Moroccan cuisine is present at the Argentinian MasterChef

Moroccan cuisine is present at the Argentinian MasterChef

The show showcased the flavors of Moroccan cuisine through a competition between six contenders who tried their hand at developing three legendary recipes of Moroccan cuisine: Couscous, Tajine and Harira.

The framework of the program, prepared with the assistance of the Moroccan Embassy, ​​was offered by the Telefe television studios which, for an evening, have imbued themselves with a 100% Moroccan atmosphere, with its flavors, smells, colors and even traditional clothes (Jabador) worn by the three members of the jury.

The six competitors (four women and two men) had to prepare the two typical Moroccan dishes and the soup based on a recipe provided by the jury.

They were decided on the basis of the result considered as faithful as possible to the flavors of an authentic Moroccan dish.

MasterChef Argentina is a food program that aims to find the best amateur chef in the country. This is a franchise of the international culinary competition of the same name.

The program is produced by Telefe and the animation is provided by Mariano Peluffo, assisted by a jury of three professionals (Donato de Santis, German Martitegui and Damian Betula).

The show, which lasts 110 minutes, has three seasons and some 30 episodes to its credit.

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