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Moroccan protesters stranded in Canada and the United States are outraged

According to the information circulating concerning the repatriation of some of these Moroccans, which has been awaited for more than 3 months, it would appear that a Royal Air Maroc plane is scheduled for 2 July, with only 190 passengers on board.

However, there are currently nearly 500 Moroccan tourists stranded in Canada only since the beginning of the confinement.

“The Moroccan authorities want to send a RAM plane on July 2 to repatriate 190 people from Canada and the United States to Marrakech,” we read on social networks. The plane would leave Morocco to Montreal, then New York and finally Marrakech.

“We hope that this is just a fake news because we can no longer continue to ignore the 500 Moroccan tourists blocked in Canada for more than 3 months.

In the opposite direction, Canada plans to send an Air Canada plane to Casablanca on July 8 to repatriate its nationals stranded in Morocco. The Moroccans who are currently stranded in Canada are wondering why this plane would not repatriate them, allowing it to make a trip to Morocco with passengers on board instead of coming empty to transport the Moroccan nationals.

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