In Canada, a French-Moroccan inspired restaurant located in the city of Toronto is being forced to close down due to lack of manpower.

In a post on Instagram, Atai Bistro, a restaurant serving traditional Moroccan flavors with French cooking styles, located at 3047 Dundas Street West in Toronto, announced that it was temporarily closing its doors due to lack of staff. “Extreme understaffing has been a constant challenge for Atai Bistro,” the restaurant says. The decision will go into effect this Sunday, April 16.

“Our commitment to quality and service requires us to rethink how we should move forward. We are grateful to our customers for their support and look forward to opening again,” he added. The publication reached out to a number of customers who provided positive feedback.

“This is so sad! I hope things work out for you and you open again soon,” wrote one customer. “I hope this is only temporary, it will be such a loss for the area to see you go,” warned another.

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