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Morocco: she travels 1400 km on the back of a camel

Alice Morrisson is a Scottish woman who adopted Morocco where she has settled for several years. Admiring the many facets of the Moroccan landscape, she began with three guides and camels a journey across the country.

On Friday 21 August, the 57-year-old Scotswoman began the final leg of a three-part adventure. After being the first woman to walk along the Draâ River, she crossed the Sahara Desert to the Mauritanian border.

This adventure will last 78 days and is done on foot and on the back of a camel to allow him to contemplate the Atlas Mountains, from Nador to Ouarzazate. Alice Morrison will have a total of 1,400 kilometers to cover. His journey is carried out in strict compliance with the preventive measures taken by the authorities to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alice Morrison is not just a woman in love with Morocco. She is also the author of several books including “Adventures in Morocco”. And if her travels across the country are so enjoyable, it’s because she is fluent in Arabic.

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