Algeria has won two medals, one gold and one silver at the International Olive Oil Competition for Japan for the year 2023 (JOOP 2023), which was held in the capital Tokyo, and its results were announced Tuesday, with the owners of the two winning brands.

The brand of olive oil “Baghlia”, produced in the eastern state of Boumerd√®s was awarded the gold medal of the best oils of the world for the year 2023 in the competition of Japan among 21 participating countries.

For reference, the Japan International Olive Oil Competition awards prizes according to quality standards to motivate producers and develop this production, it is organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan. The jury is composed of six tasters from Greece, Italy, Spain, Japan, Tunisia and Turkey.

The olive oil samples participating in the competition, held annually, are subjected to physical, chemical and microbiological analysis before being presented to experts, in particular to examine their quality standards.

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