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Prophet Mohammad: Instagram censors Charlie Hebdo

Two Charlie Hebdo journalists were “surprised” by the temporary suspension of their Instagram accounts after sharing a photo from the front page of the weekly which reposted the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad on the eve of the trial of the January 2015 attacks.

“My Instagram account has been ‘disabled’. The last photo I posted was the front page of Charlie Hebdo. So it’s probably a hack or mass report, new form of censorship. Mind blowing,” wrote on Twitter, Saturday, the journalist Laure Daussy of the satirical weekly.

On Sunday, it was the turn of designer Corinne Rey, known as Coco, to report the suspension of her Instagram account. Like my Charlie Hebdo counterpart, Laure Daussy, my Instagram account was disabled following the release of the ‘All for that’ cover with the Mohammad cartoons. Simply outrageous.”

The accounts of the two journalists are again available after a few hours of temporary suspension. On Twitter, Laure Daussy explains that this suspension was “automatic, following a campaign of reports from those who wanted to censor the front page”.

“The accounts were deleted by mistake and we reinstated them as soon as it came to our attention,” Instagram’s communications department told Le Figaro newspaper. “We are sorry for any confusion and distress this may have caused. FYI, this had nothing to do with Charlie’s coverage, it was not otherwise censored and was posted on Charlie’s account. “, we add.

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